New Research Reveals AI-Powered Business Card Scanner Covve Has the Speed ​​and Accuracy We Need to Finally Have Paperless Meetings


Nicosia, Cyprus, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With scanning and the environment being top priorities for most businesses, a newly released study was released this week by technology consultancy Capacitor Partners, offering an in-depth comparison of business card scanners: CamCard Vs Covve Scan, ABBYY and BizConnect. He concluded that when it comes to the best business card scanner apps on the market, personal CRM app provider Covve offers the best scanner for accuracy and speed at the lowest price.

As the world around us becomes digital and paperless, the benefits for small businesses are clear: cost savings, increased efficiency and improved environmental responsibility. As more businesses embrace innovation and digitization, we see workbooks uploaded to the cloud and electronically validated signatures. Digital business card solutions are available, but paper business cards are still used, especially at events, where business people leave with deep pockets.

The best way not to waste a paper map is to scan it on site and return it, contributing to a more environmentally friendly process. Scanning on the spot, however, means that speed and accuracy are key. Due to frustration with the lack of performance of leading scanners on the market, personal CRM provider Covve decided to develop their own scanning engine to improve the quality and speed of contact import required by their users. , which largely feed into networks such as entrepreneurs. The team leveraged deep domain expertise and the latest technologies to develop Covve Scan, an AI-powered scanner that delivers accurate business card scanning in over 30 languages ​​and includes features such as tagging and notes, exports to Contacts and Excel, and integration with Salesforce and Zapier. .

According to a recent study by technology consultancy Capacitor Partners, Covve Scan significantly outperformed traditional players, delivering 96% accuracy in just 2.1 seconds, with Bizconnect lagging behind with 88% accuracy in 7, 9 seconds. Market leaders CamCard and ABBYY scored 72% in 3.9 seconds and 66% in 6.2 seconds respectively. The study compared four of the world’s leading business card scanners in terms of accuracy, speed, feature versatility and price. Extensive testing was done on various parameters including scanning capabilities, UX pricing, and ultimately over 5500 fields were reviewed, resulting in cross-cluster accuracy scores.

The study concluded that Covve Scan offers the best accuracy and speed at the lowest price.

Yannis GavrielidesCEO of Covve, says, “Studies such as this, which include extensive testing and comparison of features that make the difference, especially for small business users, help us improve the value and competitiveness of our solutions. We are obviously delighted with the results and aim to continue to bring differentiating value to professionals through our business networking services and products.”

The full study is available on the Capacitor Partners blog:

About Cove: Covve’s mission is to help professionals build meaningful relationships. Its digital business card products are used by leading companies like Avis, Deloitte and Altice, while its personal CRM application is used by entrepreneurs and professionals around the world to improve their relationships and career prospects. Its features are designed to make networking more proactive with smart reminders and people-centric notes in a cutting-edge app designed to maximize business opportunities in a simple, user-friendly interface:

Scan Cove is Covve’s business card scanner, a popular app designed to help busy professionals quickly and accurately scan and organize their contacts in over 30 languages ​​and go paperless. Learn more at



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