Network easily with the newest smart business card on the market, the INFLOW card


InFlow Enterprises officially launches the INFLOW Card, an electronic business card that builds lasting, contactless business relationships.

Tired of wasting money on traditional paper business cards that never see the light of day? Fortunately, a new player in the smart business card market has just arrived. Introducing the future of business cards – the INFLOW Card, a sleek business card replacement that revolutionizes the way people connect.

Launched by InFlow, the INFLOW map does more than any paper map. Using their NFC technology, users can easily update their information and choose what information to share, providing a better user experience for people who want to build new relationships faster. Simply wave it near any NFC-enabled phone (most phones) and watch all contact information appear instantly, ready to be saved. Wave, Save, Done – it’s that simple.

Business networking and marketing has never been easier and more convenient thanks to the INFLOW card. With space to add all social accounts, contact information and business profiles while being easy to keep up to date and more, INFLOW is the best way to remember and save time and effort. silver.

It provides seamless integrations with all social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, CashApp, What’s App, Zelle, Coinbase, Venmo, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Not to mention, its NFC and QR technology makes saving business contact information quick, easy, and secure without having to download an app or swap out hard copies that could be lost or thrown away.

INFLOW is on a mission to empower people with lasting, contactless business relationships that leave no environmental footprint and to encourage good vibes by bringing people together. According to Shad East, the founder and CEO of INFLOW, the INFLOW card will help bridge the social gaps created by COVID and bring communities together for a more holistic – contactless lifestyle.

With their cost-effective solution, INFLOW offers the best-selling INFLOW pack, which includes both the INFLOW card and the INFLOW sticker. By purchasing this pack, people can create a profile with their LoopLink app, where they can share their website, portfolio, event invitations, playlist, favorite video, and more. They can also create a personalized link if it has a URL.

And because INFLOW is app-connected, users can update their profile and links anytime, as many times as needed, at no cost. This means there is no additional charge each time an update is made to their job title or contact information. The app also allows users to see how many people are interacting with their card at any given time so they can know who is interested in their work in real time.

At INFLOW, it’s all about efficiency – and what could be more efficient than controlling your own data?

For more information on the INFLOW card, see its website at

About InFlow Enterprises

InFlow Enterprises is the company behind INFLOW Card. Founded by Shad East, who is passionate about building unity through community, INFLOW Card is the first smart business card created to build relationships with a simple wave of the phone.

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