My card, sir. Joe’s business card collection tops 7,500


These days, if you use the word Rolodex (Kids, it’s a way to organize and retrieve business cards), you’ll probably come across blank states, but Joe Scozzari has – as the now-obsolete saying goes – a Rolodex to die for. Joe is a former barber and before leaving the field for a job at St. Joe’s years ago, he still maintains a connection to his old craft. Starting over 20 years ago, Joe has now amassed a collection of over 7,500 business cards, all from hair salons or hair salons. This represents 7,500 maps of 141 countries, at least one map of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada, the 50 states of the United States, all the countries of the Western Hemisphere and all the countries of Europe.

Joe’s favorite card comes from the “Penny Lane” barber shop in Liverpool, England. It’s also the barbershop that featured in the 1967 Beatles hit of the same name. Ivan Zoot, a barber from Chicago holds the record for donating the most cards to Joe’s collection – 1,500 cards. I van, by the way, holds the Guinness world record for the most haircuts in one day (340).

This year marks the 25e anniversary of Joe’s hobby and with the effect of the COVID restrictions on the hair industry, the cards have slowed down, but now that the restrictions are easing Joe is hoping the flow of cards will pick up again.

For every card he receives, Joe donates to St. Joes to support mental health. Joe enjoys reading self-help books. He told the Bay Observer, “Those books taught me that if I want to achieve more of my goals, I have to ask for what I want and take risks. I also want to inspire others to start a hobby because it enriches your life.

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