9 business card ideas – Forbes Advisor


Although some may consider them old-fashioned, business cards still hold many benefits for the modern business owner or entrepreneur. Here is a brief overview of how you can benefit from having quality business cards in your arsenal.

Easy to faint

Perhaps the biggest advantage of business cards is their ease of distribution. Whether you’re at a trade show, networking event, coffee shop or business meeting, it’s simple to pass your card to someone you just met. It only takes a few seconds, and they can refer to it later if they want to get in touch.

Demonstrate professionalism

When you use the business card ideas we discuss below, you will look professional and look like a legitimate brand. Business cards lend an air of sophistication, especially if you’re a new business that hasn’t yet gained a credible reputation.

Convenient to carry

Business cards usually have a small profile, which means they slip easily into a wallet or business card holder. They aren’t big and bulky like flyers or other promotional materials, so you won’t need to carry around a bulky backpack all the time.

Affordable form of marketing

Business cards are inexpensive, but considering all their applications, they are well worth the investment. You can hang them on cork boards at your local coffee shop, leave them in gift baskets you donate to charity, or even send them in a direct mail campaign.


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