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The best business card templates are a perfect solution if you want to promote your creative business – whether it’s fashion, photography, or web development – but don’t have the graphic design skills to create the your. Alternatively, even if you are a graphic designer, you might want to start from a template and then modify it as you wish, to save time by reinventing the wheel over and over again.

Of course, there are a ton of free business card templates out there. However, the quality of design gifts can vary, to say the least. So it may be worth spending a small amount of money to get a better quality business card template. And in this article, we will point you in the right direction.

Below you’ll find 10 paid business card designs that go beyond the norm and offer something decidedly different. Each comes as two editable, print-ready PSD files, for front and back. And aside from number 10 on our list, each is a standard 2 x 3.5 inch size with a quarter inch bleed. So whether you’re looking for a quick design fix or just a few ideas and inspiration, read on.

The Best Business Card Templates Available Now

Business card templates with abstract monochrome design

(Image credit: Arslan)

If you’re looking for a simple business card that looks both formal and fresh, check out this business card template. Strikingly effective through its own efficiency, it is simple, refined and classic. For most people, just download it, open it in Photoshop, and swap the text for your own details, all you need to create a great business card design.

Business card templates with sun pattern

(Image credit: Emilly Design)

If you’re looking for a business card that’s overall minimalist, but has a little bit of personality to help it stand out, here’s a cute design that gives you plenty of copy to add all your details. Aimed at professionals, this ultra-clean design offers a great way to get your information into people’s hands.

Grunge style business card template showing the front and back of the card

(Image credit: Raincutter)

In some professions, accounting for example, you’ll want your business card to be quite formal and serious, like the first two on our list. If you’re working in a more creative role, however, you might prefer something a little more eye-catching. If so, this template is sure to grab people’s attention with its raw grunge texture, as well as being eminently readable and functional.

Corporate business card based on simple geometric design

(Image credit: DesignSoul14)

Business doesn’t have to mean stuffy and boring. This shiny business card template is clean and simple, but it’s anything but formal. Instead, it feels more like a concert flyer or an album cover, and yet could still be used to promote any type of business or freelance practice.

Business card template using spray paint stencil effect for lettering

(Image credit: Mexelina)

Here is a design that will really help you grab the attention of potential customers. Marrying the stencil style of graffiti with explosive electro-colors, this design looks effortlessly cool, without feeling like it’s trying too hard; a great trick to succeed. This business card template would be a good choice for any creative practice or anyone looking to be edgy and trendy.

Business card with retro lettering reading

(Image credit: Cruzine)

Want people to keep your business card and show it to other people? Then this cute and fun design will surely do the trick. With a bubbly, colorful, and retro look, he quotes Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2012 hit Call me Maybe. But even if the recipient is too old (or too young) to know the song, it still makes sense. And if they end up asking a friend, relative, or coworker to explain the reference, that’s just going to get you stuck in their head more. The model is available in Light and Dark versions.

Audio cassette shaped business card

(Image credit: Taeef)

This business card template is sure to put a smile on a smile and is perfect for anyone who works in the music industry or other audio related professions, such as podcasters or music teachers. music. The main file contains two Photoshop files for the front and back. Just download the free fonts and insert your details: easy!

Business card template with design based on DJ turntables

(Image credit: VinylJunkie)

Here’s another great template that almost guarantees people will want to keep your business card and show it off to others. This design contains a lot of visual detail, but makes everything cohesive around a simple and powerful statement. Made “with love and passion” by a DJ for other DJs, the meaning is instantaneous and captivating.

Fashion designer business card with pink button

(Image credit: D-and-I)

If you work in fashion and have ever traded business cards with coworkers and contacts, you’ve seen a whole slew of visual snapshots, and you don’t want to fall for the same trap. This elegant business card template does a brilliant job of conveying a fashion theme with wit and originality. Sometimes the simplest designs really are the best. This design is available in three color combinations and two styles.

40 colorful business card template designs

(Image credit: AKaiser)

If you send a lot of business cards, it can be helpful to have a variety of designs. This way, you can offer the person the choice when distributing it at physical events. You can also send different business cards to your past and potential clients over time, as a fun way to stay in touch and remind them that you’re there. This selection of 40 vertical business card templates offers a great way to mix things up.

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